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The Same As Yesterday : A Chronicle of the theft of Statlimc [formerly Lillooet] Lands and Resources.

"The Same As Yesterday" is a story of the Lillooet people and it gives a detailed account of the collusion, deception and larceny practiced by the Crown, the federal and the provicial governments. Kahtou, November 13, 1989.

"Did you know that Lillooet district Judge Matthew Begbie sentenced 22 Indian people to hanging between 1859 and 1872? Or that ethnologist James A Teit estimated in 1906 that smallpox led to the decline of the Lillooet Tribe from 4,000 to 1,600 members? These are ..details from one of the most comprehensive independent books to appear in recent months, Joanne Drake-Terry's history of the Lillooet Tribe, The Same As Yesterday: The Lillooet Chronicle the Theft of Their Lands and Resources... B.C. Bookworld - Winter 1989

"Joanne Drake-Terry's book on Lillooet Tribal rights packs a wollop".: "Same As Yesterday is the first ever in depth look at native Indian claims from the native perspective". It's published by the "Lillooet Tribal Council Press". Lillooet News, Dec. 6, 1989

"A Searing Indictment of Theft": The Province, Feb. 11, 1990

"Drake-Terry spent years researching this book and she's produced an invauluable historical document that investigates each assertion made in the May, 1911 Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe, a thorough statement of principles on the key issue that continues to vex the indigenous political leadership in B.C. - aboriginal title. The book esablishes a panoramic historical context for that perplexing issue generally known as "Indian land claims" and its attribution and footnotes are among the most thorough I have seen in books touching this subject. ..." The Vancouver Sun, Feb. 17, 1990

"Book chronicles injustices to the Stl'atl'imx people - For more than 100 years the Lillooet Tribe, or Stl'atl'imx, have been embroiled in a bitter dispute with the B.C. government over land title... Drake-Terry... who holds a degree in B.C. history from Simon Fraser University worked for the Lillooet Tribal Council as a researcher in 1983 and was commissioned to write The Same As Yesterday. - North Shore News, Jan. 21, 1990

"The Same As Yesterday" traces what amounts to institutionalized and government-sanctioned theft, plain and simple. The documentation of how the Lillooet were systematically cheated out of their homes and means of livelihood is incontrovertible.. It's also infuriating because of the dilemma it raises: how do we rectify a blatant injustice perpetuated not only on Lillooet territory but throughout some 80% of the province? Mike Steel, Book Review, Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1990 - North Shore News

"This book should be required reading for any student of Canadian or British Columbia history..." Reviewer Robin Ridington - University of British Columbia in Anthropologica

"... This book is a detailed and complete account of the history of the Stl'atl'imx people and a remarkable chronicle of Canadian history from a native perspective..." Reviewer Jillian Ridington for Culture.

... Joanne Drake-Terry: The Same As Yesterday, Reviewed by Guy P. Buchholtzer for Societe D'Ethnographie

"I am pleased to imform you that your book The Same As Yesterday has been selected as one of the recommended Library Book Purchase Plan titles for 1990". - Signed Leslie Thompson A/coordinator, Learning Resources Branch. Ministry of Education Province of British Columbia.

The Same As Yesterday... The Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe was signed by 17 chiefs of the tribe on May 10, 1911 and proclaims that the Lillooet Tribal people are the rightful owners of their land. This is the tribe's account of the events that to the necessity of the Declaration. In Legal Perspectives, Vol 14, No. 4 - May 1990